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New part time student at UiB?

Here you will find practical information and an overview of what you must do before your study starts.

Information for new part time students at UiB
Here you will find practical information and an overview of what you must do before your study starts.

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Welcome as a continuing education/part time student at the University of Bergen! Below we have gathered some practical information on how to get ready for your studies with us. You will find information about:

  • How to activate your IT user account at UiB
  • Activate mandatory multi-factor authentication
  • How to log on our learning platform Mitt UiB
  • Student e-mail adress
  • Introduction to online studies and digital tools, methods and technology
  • How to pay course fee and / or semester fee
  • Mandatory work requirements, assessment and examination
  • Postponement, sickness, new exam
  • Censorship, transcript of records, how to appeal

1. Create IT user account

Everyone who is admitted as a student at UiB must have IT user account. This is necessary to gain access to a number of systems at UiB, first and foremost the learning platform Mitt UiB, which is the starting point for all teaching at UiB.

As soon as you are admitted as student at UIB, a user account will automatically be created for you. You will then receive an e-mail with instructions for how to activate your account. Please follow the instructions given in this e-mail. Note that there are different proceddures for students with a Norwegian National Identity number and students without such number. 

User instruction: How to activate your user account

User instruction: How to activate your user account - without a Norwegian National Identity number

Troubles with activating your user account? Please contact IT support by chat or phone:

Chat: itchat.uib.no (Mon-Fri 8 am - 0330 pm )
Phone: +47 55 58 47 00 (Mon-Fri 8 am - 345 pm )

2. Activate multi-factor authentication

As from 1.1.2022,  multi-factor authentication (MFA) is mandatory for all students accounts, in order to protect UiBs IT systems and all student data. This means that you will have to confirm your identity in one extra step, i addition to username/password. You will have to activate this, before you are given full acces to our learning platform Mitt UiB and other systems. 


To verify the account, you will be asked to click on "Send verification code on SMS". This SMS will be sent to the mobile number you provided when applying to UiB. If you have not provided your mobile number, or should you not receive the SMS, you can choose the link "Wrong number, or cannot use mobile" to have the verification code read to you by an automatic phone call.

When you log in to one of UiB's services with your user account, you will be notified that you must set up multi-factor authentication within 14 days.

User instruction: How to activate multi-factor authentication

Troubles with setting up MFA? Please contact IT support by chat or phone, see above.

3. Log on Mitt UiB

The learning platform Mitt UiB is the hub of UiB's communication with students, both for the actual teaching of a course, and for practical information otherwise during the study.

Each course has its own page on Mitt UiB, which will be available for admitted students when the semester starts, at the latest. 

You must first activate your IT user account (see above) and then log in to Mitt UiB with using your username and password. You will be notified that you must set up multi-factor authentication within 14 days.

Log on Mitt UiB

4. Student e-mail adress

When you have created a user account, a student e-mail address is automatically generated for you which looks like this: username@uib.no. Messages posted to students in Mitt UiB and other important UiB information will be sent to this address. It is therefore important that you check this regularly.

Log on and read student e-mail

5. Introduction to online studies and digital tools, methods and technology

UiB has prepared the introductory course Digital student which we recommend that you look through. The course has been developed with full-time students on campus in mind, so not everything is as relevant for you who will be studying part-time/online only. But you will get a nice introduction to digital working methods and the various digital tools and systems here at UiB. The entire introductory course takes less than 1 hour to complete.

Watch the course Digital student

6. How to pay course fee and / or semester fee

Course fee: 

Some part time studies have a course fee, others do not. If there is a course fee, this will be invoiced a few weeks after the course starts. The invoice will be sent by e-mail from UiB's economy department, and will as a general rule be sent to you personally.

Semester fee:

Semester fee is a personal fee that must be paid for all registered students to Sammen - Studentsamskipnaden in Bergen. The semester fee is NOK 590 and is therefore not the same as the course fee. There are slightly different rules for how the semester fee is to be paid in, and there are also some exceptions. 

You will receive information of whether you need to pay this semester fee, in the e-mail confirming admittance to UiB.

7. Mandatory work requirements, assessment and examination

There are different forms of final assessment or exam from course to course. Everyone who has received a confirmed study place on a course is automatically registered for the final assessment. You as a student must familiarize yourself with any compulsory work requirements that must be completed, passed or approved and deadlines for this, as well as deadlines and requirements for the final assessment/exam. These are described on the course web pageand in more detail in the formal course description.

8. Postponement, sickness, new exam

If for various reasons you do not want to or cannot complete the exam, the following rules apply:

Withdraw from exam

You can withdraw from the exam until the deadline stated on the course page on Mitt UiB, normally 14 days before the exam date/exam start. If you do not withdraw before the deadline, this will count as one of three possible exam attempts. Read more about the number of exam attempts below.

Sick / valid absence from the exam

If you become ill on the day of the exam or during the exam period, or have other valid reasons for absence, you must document this. Read more about valid reasons for absence and requirements for documentation.

Exam attempts

As a student at UiB, you normally have 3 exam attempts in one and the same subject / course. Withdrawal within the withdrawal deadline, or illness / other valid absence does not count as an attempt.

9. Censorship, transcript of records, how to appeal

Censorship will be ready after 3-4 weeks, depending on the form of assessment. You can find the exam results yourself by logging in to StudentWeb.

Complaint about grade

You are entitled to a professional justification for your grade. The deadline for requesting this is one (1) week after the grade is published in Studentweb. You should normally receive a justification within two weeks of requesting it. The justification can be given orally or in writing per. e-mail. Read more about justification and complaints about grades

Order transcript of records

UiB does not normally issue course certificates for completed continuing education/part time courses, unless you complete a Bachelor or Master`s degree.

You can order an official transcript of records online.

How to order a transcript