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Online studies at the University of Bergen

The University of Bergen offers a selection of MOOCs, online courses and part-time studies in English. See complete overview here.

Oversikt over nettbaserte kurs, videreutdanning og deltidsstudier ved UiB
Online studies at the University of Bergen give you flexibility and the opportunity to study anywhere and when it suits you.

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Online courses and part-time studies give you the opportunity to study anywhere and at any time. This can make it easier to carry out studies alongside work, family and other obligations.

Online studies at UiB

Online courses and studies at UiB are mainly taught on our own learning platform Mitt UiB, which you get access to when you are accepted as a student. Teaching and other learning activities, group discussions and seminars can also take place on video platforms such as Zoom e.g., which are integrated into our learning platform.

Some studies have online teaching and seminars on fixed days/times. Others are flexible so you watch video lessons, listen to podcasts and work on assignments when it suits you. 

Some studies are set up according to a hybrid model, where students can choose between attending physical teaching in the afternoons/weekends or follow the same teaching from home, either through live streaming or by watching recordings that are posted on the learning platform afterwards. Some online studies have sessions at UiB in addition to the online teaching, which can either be voluntary or in some cases compulsory.

You will find more information about how the teaching is organized on the website for the study you are interested in, se overview below.

Note! No admittance for students outside the EEA-countries and Switzerland

Due to new government requirements and changes in the Norwegian higher education act, the University of Bergen will not admit students from outside EEA-countries and Switzerland to any online or part-time studies, until further notice. 

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MOOCs on Futurelearn.com

UiB offers a selection of MOOCs in collaboration with our partner FutureLearn.com. These courses are free and open to anyone interested. These courses normally gives no ECTS. Please visit www.futurelearn.com for more information and enrolment in one of the following available courses: