Center for Modeling of Coupled Subsurface Dynamics

Research activities

VISTA CSD's research activities are organized in two main pillars.

P1 Groundbreaking Modeling Concepts for Deformation in Porous Rocks  

Coordinator: Morten Jakobsen

P1.1 Mathematical framework for handling complex geometries

PI: Jan Nordbotten, University of Bergen

P1.2 Simulation tool for fully dynamic Biot equations

PI: Florin Radu, University of Bergen

P1.3 Microseismic imaging using rock physics-based full-waveform inversion

PI: Morten Jakobsen, University of Bergen

P1.4 Multi-phase flow and fractures

PI: Jan Nordbotten, Akademia grant (2020-2

P2 Fundamentals of Induced Subsurface Deformation 

Coordinator: Kundan Kumar

P2.1 Solvers for mixed dimensional flow and mechanics on the fracture-matrix interface 

PI: Kundan Kumar, University of Bergen

P2.2 Simulation technology for injection-related fault and fracture reactivation and induced seismicity

PI: Eirik Keilegavlen, University of Bergen

P2.3 Monitoring subsurface processes using the generalized Dix’ method

PI: Einar Iversen, University of Bergen

P2.4 Interpretation of fluid-induced seismicity patterns

PI: Volker Oye, NORSAR

P2.5 Simulation of governing processes in superheated and supercritical geothermal systems: mathematical models, numerical methods and field data (SiGS)

PI: Eirik Keilegavlen, University of Bergen, RCN grant (2020-2024)