Center for Modeling of Coupled Subsurface Dynamics
Research project

Simulation tool for fully dynamic Biot equations

In this project the aim is to develop an advanced, energy-preserving numerical model and simulation tool for the fully dynamic Biot equations. The prediction of seismic waves will be the main focus.

Main content

Development of efficient solvers for flow in deformable porous media, described by the linear, quasi-static Biot model has received huge attention in the last decade. To include seismicity, the fully dynamic, non-linear Biot-Allard model must be considered, i.e., the acceleration and the history have to be included. In this activity, conformal, mixed or higher-order space-time finite elements, splitting solvers, which are energy preserving (a very important feature for waves), will be designed, implemented and analyzed based on our previous works. The resulting model will be tested and calibrated based on geophysical methods. 

The convergence of the developed numerical methods will be first studied for a linear version of the dynamic Biot model and then for the model with history. Existence and uniqueness of the dynamic model including history (convolution terms) will be analyzed as well. Also, different formulations of the dynamic Biot model will be considered. The implementation of the numerical model in the software DUNE has started.

Funded by the VISTA program
VISTA Program (vista.no)