Center for Modeling of Coupled Subsurface Dynamics

CSD Seminar Series: Tufan Ghosh

Tufan Ghosh will give a talk in the CSD seminar on May 28th.

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Title of talk: A phase-field formulation for modelling evaporation from porous media: Pore-scale simulation & upscaling

Abstract: We develop a phase-field model for evaporation in a porous medium by explicitly considering a vapor component together with the liquid and gas phases in the system. The phase-field model consists of the conservation of mass (for phases and vapor components), momentum, and energy. In addition, the evolution of the phase field is described by the Allen-Cahn equation. In the limit of vanishing interface width, matched asymptotic expansions reveal that the phase-field model reduces to the sharp-interface model with all the relevant transmission conditions at the moving interface. An energy estimate is derived, which suggests that for the diffusion-dominated regime, energy always decreases with time. However, this is not always the case for other regimes. The phase-field model is upscaled to the Darcy scale using periodic homogenization for the diffusion-dominated regime. The effective parameters at the Darcy scale are connected to the pore scale through corresponding cell problems. Moreover, we considered numerical examples to investigate the behavior of the pore-scale phase-field formulation.