Senter for ernæring


Stipendiatmøter ved Senter for ernæring

Senter for ernæring inviterer til åpne forskermøter der stipendiatene ved senteret får presentere sine prosjekter med en påfølgende diskusjon. Møtene er åpne for andre interesserte.

Dersom oppsatt program ikke passer oppfordrer vi stipendiatene til å bytte datoer innbyrdes og deretter gi beskjed til Anthea.Parys@uib.no og Randi.Tangvik@uib.no for oppdatering av programmet.

Tid: Annenhver mandag kl. 14.30-15.30

Sted: Aarskogsalen, BUS1, 6. etasje

Høst 2018

1. okt.: Hanna Rosendahl-Riise: Fish and vitamin D intake. It’s effect on sarcopenia, osteoporosis and hip fractures

15. okt.: Eric Somé: «Breastfeeding patterns and mothers’ health in an HIV context in Sub Saharan Africa»
Hanne Rosendahl-Riise, som skal disputere 23. oktober, skal ha sin prøve-prøveforelesning om PUFA’s

29. okt.: Thomas Aloysius: Chicken protein hydrolysates targeting mitochondria exert anti-atherosclerotic effect beyond plasma cholesterol lowering activity in apoE-/- mice

12. nov.: Elise GryttenEffects of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids on lipoprotein profiles in abdominally obese people: a randomized double-blind crossover trial

Vår 2019

4. feb.: Johnny Laupsa-Borge: Dietary fats and atherogenic phenotypes - data from three randomized clinical trials

18. feb.: Hanna Dale: Can a dietary supplement with cod protein hydrolysate improve health?

25. feb.: Iselin Vildmyren øver til sin disputas: Effects of cod residual protein supplementation in healthy adults: Impact on glucose regulation and lipid metabolism.

4. mars: Teresa Risan Haugsgjerd: Diet, weight change and risk factor modification as predictors of incident coronary heart disease and mortality. A longitudinal study of participants in the Hordaland Health Study (HUSK).

18. mars: Ingen møte p.g.a. KEFF-konferanse

1. april:  Avlyst

29. april: Anthea van Parys: Dietary choline and acute myocardial infarction     

27. mai: Helene Dahl: Nutritional status in chronic kidney disease

Høst 2019

9. september: Vegard Lysne (UiB): Biomarkers of one-carbon metabolism and B-vitamin status

23. september: Ragnhild Marie Mellingen (HI): Interaction between nutrients and methylmercury

7. oktober: Karianne Svendsen (UiO): Effects of high cholesterol levels on healthy adults and familial hypercholesterolemia: results from two projects

21. oktober: Eli Skeie (UiB): The association between nutritional risk and surgery related complications, and the effect of preoperative nutritional consulting prior to elective surgery

4. november: Iselin Vildmyren (UiB): Health effects of proteins from cod residuals

18. november: Caroline Jensen (UiB): Health effects of a cod protein hydrolysate

2. desember: Cathrine Horn (UiB)