Temaomtale ARK121

Historisk og samtidsarkeologi

Fra kjøkkenet i Jonas J. Alvheim Sildesalteri på Hjartøy i Øygarden der AHKR har feltkurs i Samtidsarkeologi.
Hein Bjerck


Archaeology as a discipline is not chronologically restricted: it can examine any period in the past, but also the present moment. However, the particular period, which archeologists study, can have an effect on how they think, and what kinds of methods they use. This is particularly important with historical archaeology and contemporary archaeology. They both examine periods which can be analysed through sources not available on earlier periods, such as written sources and interviews. Moreover, historical and contemporary archaeology are not the only disciplines studying the same chronological periods. Their relationship with other disciplines is therefore vital.

ARK121 focuses on discussing what is specific about historical archaeology, and contemporary archaeology. What are the central research questions, ideas, and goals discussed? What are the differences and similarities between historical and contemporary archaeology?