open seminar - Crucial Issues in Science and Society

Uncertainty and Dissent in Climate Risk Assessment: A Post-Normal Perspective

Uncertainty, complexity and dissent make climate change hard to tackle with normal scientific procedures. At this seminar, Professor Jeroen van der Sluijs gives an introduction to the post-normal perspective on climate change.

Welcome to open lecture in VIT212 with Jeroen van der Sluijs


Post-Normal Perspective on Climate Change

In a post-normal perspective the normal science task of “getting the facts right” is still regarded as necessary, but no longer as sufficient to interface science and policy. It needs to be complemented with a task of exploring the relevance of deep uncertainty and ignorance that limit our ability to establish objective, reliable, and valid facts. The seminar explores the implications of this notion for the climate science policy interface. 

Open Lectures in VIT212!

The seminar is part of the course VIT212 Climate: What Do We Know? What Should We Do? and open for everyone interested. Please see the full overview of open lectures in the course during the autumn semester 2019 (in Norwegian).