Islamic Religious Thought and Practice

Theme description RELV239/RELV339

Islamic Religious Thought and Practice (This course is offered spring 2022)


The course “Islamic Religious Thought and Practice” examines a selected topic of Islamic studies in depth. The topic in the spring semester 2022 is “The Quran in Islamic Religious Thought and Practice.” Questions that the course deals with include: What topics does the Quran address, and how is it structured? How did the Quran come into being as a codified text? How does the Quran relate to other religious scriptures? How do Muslims experience the Quran in their religious rituals? Can the Quran be translated? In answering these and other questions, the course surveys the history of the Quran as a text; examines several of its key topics; sheds light on the importance of the Quran for Islamic theology, law, and mysticism; and studies its significance in the everyday religious life of Muslims, past and present. Special emphasis is also placed on reading and examining selected passages of the Quran in translation.