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Konferanse i Amsterdam

Alexander Mtemi Tungu og Gloria Sakwari har vært på konferanse i Amsterdam. Begge hadde poster presentasjoner.

It was a great scientific exposure to be involved in the European Respiratory Society annual congress in Amsterdam, held from 24th-28th September 2011.

The conference focused on respiratory health including work related respiratory symptoms. The conference also offered courses and symposium on Asthma and COPD in general public and on occupational exposure among other things.

Gloria presented a poster entitled " Dust exposure and respiratory symptoms; a cross sectional study in Tanzanian coffee factories”.

Alex presented a thematic poster titled "Cement dust exposure, respiratory symptoms and exhaled nitric oxide: A cross sectional study". The preliminary findings concluded that; Cement workers had higher dust exposure and higher prevalence of chronic respiratory symptoms than controls. The tendency of increased levels of exhaled nitric oxide among cement workers should be studied further in a follow-up study.

"And ofcourse, cruise in the canals in Amstrdam was an exciting moment"


Alex and Gloria