Digital Frukost

Are you interested in mathematical or computational modeling of biological systems, using digital tools to analyze biological data, or in making your research more transdisciplinary?


Welcome to the first breakfast seminar in 2018 on transdisciplinar life sciences!

"Digital Frukost" is an open breakfast seminar series focusing on research activities at the interface between the biological sciences and that of mathematics, computer science, physics or engineering. The seminars are arranged by the Centre for Digital Life Norway (DLN: www.digitallifenorway.org).

This time researchers from the Theoretical Ecology Group (http://bio.uib.no/te/index.php) will present modeling activities on the AHA! (Adapted Heuristics and Architecture) project, which is lead by Sigrunn Eliassen, Christian Jørgensen and Jarl Giske. The AHA! project is now a partner project in DLN:

Title: "Digital fish can help the understanding of adaptation and evolution"

Individual Based Modeling is a focus area of the research group. In the AHA! project mathematical modeling is used to describe the life and behavior of individuals in a population, their interaction with the environment and evolution of the population at the resolution of individual behavioral traits.

The models include development of the individuals (fish) and description of the decision-making processes based on their physiology and key regulatory hormones.

Presentations will be given by Sergey Budaev (researcher), Camilla H. Jensen (PhD student) and Jacqueline Weidner (PhD student).

We hope to see you there!

Please register using this link if you want to attend as food will be served!