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Alinta Krauth on Animal-Computer Interaction and more than human aesthetics

Join Dr Alinta Krauth for an introduction to her recent research on the connections between Animal-Computer Interaction, interactive art, care practices, and the potential for more-than-human aesthetics in digital cultural practices.

Poster announcing the event
Alinta Krauth


Dr Alinta Krauth will discuss a selection of recently evaluated practical designs for serious games as forms of interspecies enrichment, and the ethical and methodological pathways for doing so that prioritise the needs, wants, and sensory umwelt of nonhuman research participants.

Alinta Krauth began teaching in the Digital Culture program at UiB in January 2023. She moved to Bergen from Australia, and is an Australian new media artist and researcher of digital cultural practices. Her work concerns ways in which digital materials may highlight environmental injustices and prioritise nonhuman agency, particularly with regard to human/wildlife conflict and care. She is keenly interested in how digital technologies can create rewarding sensory experiences for historically Othered audiences, most notably, her work with interaction design and digital aesthetics for the enrichment of other species including dogs and flying foxes. Recent installations of her creative works and creative research have been seen in places such as Science Gallery Detroit Michigan USA, ZAZ10ts Gallery Times Square USA, Art Laboratory Berlin Berlin Germany, ISEA Vancouver Canada, GentleMonster Seoul South Korea, Home of the Arts (HOTA) Gold Coast Australia, White Night Melbourne Australia, The Powerhouse, Sydney Australia, and Gallery 3.14 Bergen Norway.