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Midjourney Killed the Photoshop Star: A Public Talk on Software Studies and Nonhuman Graphicality

Fulbright scholar Aaron Knochel will present a lecture on the effects of AI-generated images to software cultures in graphic design.

Screenshot of a Photoshop interface editing an image of a Photoshop interface editing a photo of an AI-generated image with the title of the talk
How have AI-generated images changed our relationship to graphic design? What might graphic software become?
Aaron Knochel


The rise of AI image generation platforms has rattled graphic design communities questioning the role of nonhuman image makers in visual culture. In this public talk, Aaron Knochel explores how nonhuman graphicality changes our relationship to images and speculates what graphic design software like Photoshop may become. Knochel contends that software is a collaborating mediator in the assemblage of making and if undertheorized suggests an invisibility that occludes our relationships to images and computational systems.