Ecological and Environmental Change Research Group

Fjellets Kulturlandskap

Affiliated EECRG member Kari Hjelle (University Museum of Bergen) has recently published with Gunnar Austrheim (Trondheim), Per Sjögren (Tromsø), Kathrine Stene (Oslo) and Aud Mikkelsen Tretvik (Trondheim) a book that presents the results of the NFR project Dynamic Landscapes (DYLAN) that ran from 2009 to 2012

The cover of the book Fjellets kulturlandskap and a map of Norway showing the four sites investigated
Book cover and map showing the four sites investigated in Fjellets kulturlandskap
Kathrine Stene


The book disucsses the results of ecological, palaeoecological, archaeological, historical, and biodiversity studies in DYLAN's four study areas

  • Erdalen and Sunndalen in western Norway
  • Grimsdalen in central Norway
  • Budalen in central Norway
  • Dividalen in northern Norway

The book is a wonderful demonstration of the value of combining modern ecological and long-term palaeoecological studies with historical and archaeological investigations to decipher the history and development of cultural landscapes in Norwegian mountain areas.

Kari Hjelle is a co-author of four of the nine chapters. Other EECRG associated members involved are Mons Kvamme and Brith Natlandsmyr. Congratulations to Kari, Mons, Brith, Gunnar Austrheim, and the other DYLAN member for producing this excellent book.