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Sissel Lægreid
-“The Pressure of Experience forces Language into Poetry”: The Poetics of the Transitory and the Aesthetics of Resistance in the Works of German-Jewish and German-Romanian Writers.”.  Vizereanu, Lægreid, Serban (eds.): Bordering Europe. Our Marginal Others :Old and New. Perspectives from Literature, Philosophy, Art. Editura universitätii din bucuresti Bukarest 2017 ISBN 978 606 16 0956-7. (61-79).

-“Andorran Jews and other Strangers. Narratives of Identity and Otherness in in European Post-War Literature”.  Europe and its interior Other(s).Holm, Helge Vidar & Sissel Lægreid & Torgeir Skorgen (eds.), Aarhus: Aarhus University Press 2014 (127-143).
-Traumas of Exile and Ways of Becoming a Minor: Poetic Memories of "a sunken Landscape". Doxa, Volum 1 (23), The Borders of Europe, Levchenko, V. (ed.) Odessa 2013 (75-86).
-Sprachaugen und Wortdinge - Herta Müllers Poetik der Entgrenzung. Dichtung und Diktatur ̶ Die Schriftstellerin Herta Müller. , Lægreid, Mahrtd (red.),  Verlag Königshausen & Neumann 2013 ISBN 978-3-8260-5246-0. (55-80).
-Dichtung und Diktatur: Die Schriftstellerin Herta Müller, Lægreid, Mahrtd (red.), Verlag Königshausen & Neumann 2013 ISBN 978-3-8260-5246-0
-"...diese Ausrichtung auf das Traumhafte hin". Zur Poetik der Grenze und der Entgrenzung bei Paul Celan. Ost-West-Identitäten und -Perspektiven. Deutschsprachige Literatur in und aus Rumänien im interkulturellen Dialog., Lægreid et. al. (eds.), München: IKGS-Verlag 2012 ISBN 978-3942739023. (101-116)

-Poems and Poets in Transit: Heterochronic Cross-Border Acts or The Aesthetics of Exile in 20th Century German-Jewish Poetry.  The Borders of Europe. Hegemony, Aesthetics and Border Poetics. Aarhus Universitetsforlag 2012 ISBN 9788779345522. . (246-267)

-Augenstimmen durch die Pforte der Chronotopoi. Zum Chronotopos des Exils bei Paul Celan. Wirkendes Wort 2006 (H3) (439-455)
-Das schwarze Auge der Mitternacht: Topographien des Exils – oder das Unheimliche in der Lyrik von Else Lasker-Schüler.  Else-Lasker-Schüler-Jahrbuch zur Klassischen Moderne III. Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier 2006 ISBN 978-3-88476-902-7. (30-54).

Torgeir Skorgen

-Skorgen, Torgeir. 2017. «The Poetics of Resentment. Jews and Europeans in Nietzsche, Arendt, Kafka and Roth”. I: Bordering Europe. Our Marginals: Old and New. Perspectives from Literature, Philosophy and Art. Perspectives from Literature. Philosophy and Art. Viorel Vizureanu, Sissel Lægreid & Oana Serban [red.]. Bucuresti; Editura Unversitátii din Bucuresti, s. 80-96.

-Skorgen, Torgeir (2016): «Learning on the Border – Bakhtin and the Problem of Cultural Creativity» I: Annette Bilfeldt, Iben Jensen & John Andersen (red.): Social Eksklusjon, Læring og Forandring. Aalborg: Aalborg Universitetsforlag, s. 102-17.

-Skorgen, Torgeir. 2015. «Colonialism and the ‘Jewish Question’: Hannah Arendt and the Transformation of Anti-Semitism in NS-Literature». In: DOXA. Issue 1 (23): The Borders of Europe. V. Levchenko (red.) Odessa.

-Skorgen, Torgeir 2012. «’Wein aus zwei Gläsern’». Zur Poetik der Grenze bei Hölderlin und Celan». In: Ost-West-identitäten und –Perspektven. Deutschsprachige Literatur in und aus Rumänien im interkulturellen Dialog. Ioana Cracium, George Gutu, Sissel Lægreid & Peter Motzen [Hrsg.]. München: IKGS Verlag.

-Skorgen, Torgeir. 2012. «Mozart’s Opera the Abduction from the Seraglio and Bakhtin’s Border Poetics» In: The Borders of Europe. Hegemony, Aesthetics and Border Poetics. 2012. Holm, Helge Vidar & Sissel Lægreid & Torgeir Skorgen (eds.), Aarhus: Aarhus University Press. (282 p.)

-Skorgen, Torgeir. 2010. «Toleransens grenser. Wergeland og jødeemansipasjonen i Europa». Agora. Norsk tidsskrift for metafysisk spekulasjon. Kaia Mollerin [red.], Oslo.

-Skorgen, Torgeir. 2009. ”Hölderlins Balanceidee und Konzeption des Nationellen”, Hölderlin-Jahrbuch 2008-9, Valerie Lawitschka [red.], Stuttgart: Edition Isele, s. 94-110.-Sissel

-Sissel Lægreid/Torgeir Skorgen (red.): Hermeneutisk lesebok. Spartacus: Oslo 2001.
-Torgeir Skorgen: Rasenes oppfinnelse. Rasetenkningens historie. Spartacus: Oslo 2002.

-Sissel Lægreid/Torgeir Skorgen: Hermeneutikk – en innføring. Spartacus: Oslo 2006.
-Helge Vidar Holm/Torgeir Skorgen (red.): Dialogens tenker. Nordiske perspektiver på Bakhtin. Spartacus/Scandinavian Academic Press: Oslo 2006.

Forskergruppens publikasjoner (antologier)

The Borders of Europe Doxa 1 (23)


Hegemony, Aestetics and Border Poetics

Holm, H.V., Lægreid, S., Skorgen, T. (eds.): The Borders of Europe. Hegemony, Aesthetics and Border Poetics. Aarhus University Press 2012, 282 p., ISBN 978 87 7934 552 2

Just like national identities, European identity may be viewed as an imagined community, constituted by different levels of inclusion and exclusion along various border markers as those between included and excluded, between culturally dominating and dominated or between centre and periphery, natives and exiled. This book by researchers within the field of art and architecture, theatrical performance, literature and history, is an important contribution to the ongoing discussion of the borders of Europe, especially where large scale cultural borders towards the East are concerned. The Borders of Europe offers an interdisciplinary perspective on the notion of Europe and its regions, its origins and transformations while highlighting the aesthetics of hegemony and conceptions of centre and periphery in Europe, constructions of national, regional and artistic identity and the aesthetics and poetics of borders in literature and art.


Europe and Its Interior Other(s). Holm. H.V., Lægreid, S., Skorgen, T.(eds). Aarhus University Press 2014, 216 p.  ISBN 978-87-7124-128-0.

Who were and who are the European other(s), and how have their socio-cultural circumstances been aesthetically expressed and discussed in works of literature and art in European history? Members of the interdisciplinary group of researchers "The Borders of Europe" address these questions and shed new light on the notion of European transnational identity, self-conscience and exclusion. Making a mental, space-time journey across and beyond Europe`s borders - moving from medieval times to the present , from Istanbul to the northern-most tip of Norway  - the authors show how the dangerous dynamics of "Othering", estrangement, intolerance and hatred have become an inherent part of the continent`s history.


Bordering Europe our Marginals: Old and New. Perspectives from Literature, Philosophy and Art. Vizureanu, V., Lægreid, S.. Serban,O. (eds.).editura universitatii din bucuresti, 2018., 180 p. ISBN 928-606-16-0956-7.

This book with its interdisciplinary perspective on the question of contemporary European identity, offers philosophical, linguistic, historical and artistic insights into the challenge of rebordering and rebranding Europe through the practices of multiculturalism.

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