Evolusjonær økologi

Contemporary Evolution: Humans as Agents of Selection

The Evolutionary Fisheries Ecology group will organize an NMA course, October 4-9, 2010 at the Marine Biological Station.


This course will provide training to young scientists on theory and practical applications of human-induced evolution in the wild. The lectures will cover a wide range of examples of contemporary evolution: exploitation-induced evolution, evolution in novel environments, and evolution caused by habitat change and pollution, spanning both terrestrial and aquatic environments. The course includes lectures and practical exercises, as well as student presentations.

The course will be of interest to those working on organisms terrestrial or aquatic systems in evolutionary ecology, fisheries, behavioral ecology, life history theory (including exploitation-induced and contemporary evolution), wildlife biology, and conservation biology.

 For more information, please see the course website at: http://bio.uib.no/evofish/.