Evolusjonær økologi

Clémentine Justier visiting EvoFish

Clémentine is working with guppies and otoliths at EvoFish



This is what Clémentine has to say:



I am a French student from Montpellier. I study in Polytech’ which is a selective engineering school and most particularly in specialty water sciences and technologies. In this training there are a lot of subjects as hydraulics, hydrobiology and of course biology. Indeed, biology is my predilection subject that’s why I choose this internship. Moreover, work with alive fish is really interesting and unpredictable. It’s stimulating.

Another reason that pushed me here was to work abroad and to improve my English. I discovered a new country and many other cultures. In fact, I meet people with different nationalities and it’s really enriching. We can share a lot of things!

Now let’s talk about my feeling about this internship!

In one side, the work is really interesting, you can practice on fishes, prepare slides for microscope…

In the other side, you can also read publication and improve you knowledge.

In this internship you are steered by very nice people who can explain you lots of things and give you independence and responsibilities. So I think it’s a good internship for someone who wants to discover the lab work in biology.

To finish, the country is really nice and you can do a lot of sport. For example hiking, kayak, paragliding… I think it’s really important to visit at least one fjord, it’s definitely amazing!! The only bad thing is the weather!! Unfortunately when everybody tells you that it’s always raining and cold, it’s true!! But if you have good clothes, you can face up to it!

Best Regards

 Clémentine Justier