Forskningsgruppe i fysioterapi

Nordic Physiotherapy Congress 23-25 September in Oslo: Movement-towards better health

Seksjon for fysioterapivitenskap er representert med flere presentasjoner


Liv Inger Strand: “Responsiveness to change of physical performance measures used to assess outcome in low back pain”

Caroline Hodt-Billington: "Criteria for gait asymmetry in patients with hip osteoarthritis"

Kjartan Vibe Fersum: “Effect of conservative treatment in subgroups of patients with Non-Specific Low Back Pain”

Liv Heide Magnussen:  ”Do patients’ self reported activity limitations due to back problems correspond to ICF Core Sets for Low Back Pain”

Anne Brit Sørsdahl:  “Change in gross motor function, quality of movement and everyday activities following an intensive physiotherapy program in a group setting for children with cerebral palsy.”

Else Mari Larsen: "Pick and choose - What's for me?" Leisure activities and Physiotherapy for youths with disabilities.”

Iris Brunner: “Modified Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy for home-dwelling patients with hemiparesis after stroke.”

Aud Marie Øien:  “Self-perception as embodied knowledge- changing processes for patients with chronic pain.”

Mona Kristin Aaslund:   “How does clinical decisions about speed and amount of body weight support during body weight supported treadmill walking affect gait in patients post-stroke?’

Bodil Anderson. “The effect of long-term body awareness training succeeding a multimodal cognitive behaviour program for patients with widespread pain.”

Liv Heide Magnussen: “Cross cultural adaption and validation of the norwegian version of the hannover Functional Ability Questionnaire.”