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Bipolar Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation


The role of the Thermohaline Circulation (THC) as a driving force for the ocean circulation, and therefore the global climate, is well acknowledged. The majority of the deep- and bottom- water production takes place in the Atlantic sector. The densest water ventilating the world ocean abyss is produced in the northern and southern extremes. When the dense water is cascading towards great depths, it mixes with surrounding water masses to produce the various brands of bottom water. The replacement of the surrounding water is believed to be an important driving force for the global THC. The BIAC concentrate on all aspects related to bottom water formation and THC in the past, present and future. Modelling and remote sensing are important tools, as well as in situ measurements that will require adequately equipped icebreakers and moorings.

The aim of the proposed project is to study mechanisms, manifestations and impacts of bottom water formation on the bipolar Atlantic Ocean shelves. Key areas are the Barents Sea, and the southern Weddell Sea.