Geodynamikk og Bassengstudier

3D Extension

Numerical Modelling in 3D of Rift Segmentation, Rift Propagation, and Oblique Rifting: Control of Strain Weakening and Brittle Ductile Coupling


Project coordinator: Prof. Ritske S. Huismans

Project partners: Prof. Christopher Beaumont, Dalhousie University Prof. Jean Braun, Rennes University

Funding: 1 post doctoral fellow and 1 PhD

Principal investigator: Ritske S. Huismans

People involved at UiB: Post doc: Cedric Thieulot PhD: Vaneeda Allken

Project period: 2008-01-01 to 2010-12-31

The project aims to understand three aspects of lithosphere extension and passive margins formation that are intimately related and which are inherently 3D in nature: 1) along axis segmentation and variation in structural style of rift basins and passive margins; 2) along axis rift propagation from well developed rift zones into un-extended continental lithosphere; and 3) occurrence of orthogonal extension versus transtensional extensional deformation. Insight into the 3D structural evolution of these systems is both a fundamental first order scientific problem but is also highly relevant for hydro-carbon exploration, as well as for understanding seismic hazard potential in these settings.