Geodynamikk og Bassengstudier

Landscape evolution modelling of late Mesozoic topography and sediment output from Southern Norway


Project description
The evolution of topography in Southern Norway is matter of substantial controversy surrounds the origin and evolution of high topography. Present day crustal thickness in Southern Norway suggest long lived topographic relief originating from the Caledonian mountain belt. Absence of clastic input to the Norwegian offshore basins and predominance of fine grained Chalk deposits during the late Meoszoic (130-70 Myr) are difficult to reconcile with significant relief. This master project will use landscape evolution models and test contrasting scenarios for topography and associated erosion and sediment export during this time interval. The project will use an existing landscape evolution model Fastscape, written in Fortran90. Some code development and code modifications will be required.

Proposed course plan during the master's degree:
GEOV277; MAT212

GEOV112; GEOV219; GEOV254; MAT111