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Ny bok med Henriette Sinding Aasen som medforfatter

Henriette Sinding Aasen er medforfatter av den nye boken "Health and Human Rights".

Bokomslag, Health and Human Rights
Intersentia / Edvard Munch, Badende menn på svaberg (1915). Foto © Munchmuseet


Henriette Sinding Aasen er medforfatter av andreutgaven av boken "Health and Human Rights. Global and European Perspectives".

Fra forlagets brosjyre:

"This book is a 2nd edition of Health and Human Rights in Europe. ‘Health and human rights’ is an important dimension of international and European human rights and health law. It is multi-disciplinary, engaging scholars and practitioners of public health and medicine, as well as legal scholars and human rights lawyers. Human rights law brings a new, and often more international, as well as a moral dimension to existing legal analyses of health issues.

Globally, there are tremendous challenges when it comes to the protection of collective and individual health. Such challenges include weak (primary) healthcare systems, the spread of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, and the increase of noncommunicable diseases, as well as the health effects of air pollution and climate change. In such settings, human rights can play a powerful and crucial role in protecting the rights of vulnerable individuals. The European context is, to some extent, a region sui generis, not only in terms of health issues and health outcomes, but also from a political and legal perspective. The authoritative case law of the European Court of Human Rights of the Council of Europe has increasingly touched upon health-related issues. The same can be said about the treaties and case law of the European Union.

Health and Human Rights brings together contributions from human rights and health law experts from three di¬fferent countries in Northern Europe. This book is of interest to lecturers, students, practitioners and law- and policymakers and offers up-to-date analyses of crucial human rights issues in modern healthcare, practices and regulations in Europe and beyond".