Forskergruppen Helse-, velferd- og vitenskapshistorie

PhD course on ”Power, policies and health”


In May 2009 a PhD course/ Summer school was organised in Copenhagen by the Nordic Network of Medical History. Participants came from six countries including the three Scandinavian and represented a number of disciplines with a majority of historians. During the course the students were introduced to different ways of studying power, policies and health: studies of exercise of power, policy definitions, comparisons, oral history, research and policy and the anthropology of policy. The teachers were Professor Virginia Berridge, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Professor Susan Wright, Danish School of Education and Professor Signild Vallgårda, University of Copenhagen, she was also the course organiser. Most of the students had in advance sent presentations of their projects, which were discussed and commented by the other participants and the teachers. The course was very positively evaluated, but it was suggested that 1. the texts for the course should be distributed earlier, 2. student opponents should have been appointed, and 3. the teachers should be the last to comment on the projects.