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Visualisering av protomikkdata

Ny studie: Hvordan visualisere protomikkdata?

En ny studie som beskriver ulike metoder for å visualisere protomikkdata er i desember 2014 publisert i det internasjonale tidsskriftet Proteomics, av forskere tilknyttet KGJ senter for MS forskning.



Proteomics has become one of the main approaches for analyzing and understanding biological systems. Yet similar to other high-throughput analysis methods, the presentation of the large amounts of obtained data in easily interpretable ways remains challenging. In this review we therefore present an overview of the different ways in which proteomics software supports the visualization and interpretation of proteomics data. The unique challenges and current solutions for visualizing the different aspects of proteomics data, from acquired spectra via protein identification and quantification to pathway analysis, are discussed, and examples of the most useful visualization approaches are highlighted. Finally, we offer our ideas about future directions for proteomics data visualization.



Oveland E1, Muth T, Rapp E, Martens L, Berven FS, Barsnes H. Viewing the proteome: How to visualize proteomics data? Proteomics. 2014 Dec 11. doi: 10.1002/pmic.201400412. [Epub ahead of print]