Kunnskap, politikk og organisering

Students and the Governance of Higher Education in Norway

Artikkel av Svein Michelsen og Bjørn Stensaker publsert i Tertiary Education and Management (TEAM). Artikkelen omhandler studentenes rolle i styring av universitetet.



The article discusses the question of student participation in higher education governance at the national and the institutional levels in Norway. Two ideal-type perspectives on governance are developed in order to illuminate the Norwegian case: a democratic perspective and a market perspective. The article provides a brief overview of the historical development of student participation in higher education governance, emphasizing how students view their own role in the governance arenas in which they participate. Close attention is paid to student participation and influence in quality assurance schemes at both the national and the institutional levels. In the conclusion, the article discusses how the recent developments are changing the balance towards the market model of higher education governance, without obliterating significant elements of the hitherto predominant democratic governance model.

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