Kvartærgeologi & Paleoklima





Henning M. Åkesson  - Deglaciation of the Norwegian fjords

Lukas W.M Becker - Ice sheets, oceanic circulation & sea surface conditions: the NW European margin during the last 35,000 years



Anne Elina Flink (UNIS) - Glacier dynamics in Svalbard fjords, inferred from submarine landforms and marine sediment cores

Mari Fjalstad Jensen - Abrupt changes in sea ice and dynamics of Dansgaard-Oeschger events

Caroline Clotten - Pliocene Sea Ice Evolution in the Iceland and Labrador Seas – A Biomarker Approach



Benjamin Bellwald - Slides in glacigenic settings - from fjords to deep sea

Marthe Gjerde - Holocene variations in atmospheric circulation in the North Atlantic region reconstructed from lake sediments

Willem van der Bilt - Towards a process-based understanding of Holocene polar climate change – using glacier-fed lake sediments from Arctic Svalbard and Antarctic South Georgia



Hella Elisa Wittmeier - Late Glacial and Holocene Glacier Activity in Arctic Norway. Reconstruction of glacier fluctuations using surface exposure dating of moraines and multi-proxy analysis of sediments deposited in distal glacier-fed lakes

Eirik Vinje Galaasen - Instability of ocean ventilation during warm climates; insights from proxy reconstructions

Tor Lien MjellDecadal to Millennial Scale Variability in Iceland-Scotland Overflow Water and its Relationship to Climate



Ronghua Wang - Experimental investigations of magnetization processes in Chinese loess

Herbjørn Heggen - Archaeological geology and stratigraphy of Palaeolithic sites in northern Russia

Eivind W. N. Støren - Identifying flood deposits in lake sediments: Changing frequencuncies and potential links to long-term climate change

Kristian Vasskog - Continious and episodic sedimentation in western Norwegian fjord lakes - A Holocene climatic perspective

Jo Brendryen - A detailed chronological, sedimentological and tephrostratigraphical framework of a high resolution sediment core record from the Eastern Norwegian Sea spanning the two last glacial-interglacial cycles



Rannveig Skoglund - Development of extreme karst porosity - maze cave in marble stripe karst.



Valentin Burki - Glacial processes, sediment budgets and erosion rates: The Bødalsbreen Glacier, western Norway

Aina D. Janbu - Stable isotopic studies of carbonates and organic matter in selected Norwegian lakes



Stein Kjetil Helle - Early post-deglaciation shorelines and sea-level changes along Hardangerfjorden and adjacent fjord areas, W Norway

Øyvind Nordli - Norwegian farmers' diaries used for quality control and calibration of early instrumental observations, and for temperature reconstructions



Carita G. Knudsen - Glacier dynamics and lateglacial environmental changes - evidences from SW Norway and Iceland

Øystein S. Lohne - Late Weichselian relative sea-level changes and glacial history in Hordaland, Western Norway



Mona Henriksen - Late Pleistocene stratigraphy of the Pechora Region, Arctic Russia

Øyvind Paasche - Paleoclimate variability in arctic Norway constrained by physical parameters of lake sediments



Ida M. Berstad -Quaternary climate variability in the Eastern Nordic Sea region inferred from speleothemes and deep-sea cores

Ståle Raunholm - Weichselian stratigraphy, sedimentology and glacial dynamics at Jæren, SW Norway