LINGCLIM: Klimadebattens språkbruk og tolkninger

“Still disagreeing about climate change … but what have we learned in 10 years?”

Professor Mike Hulme, University of Cambridge, holdt en gjesteforelesning på Studentsenteret 6. september 2019. Forelesningen er nå tilgjengelig på podcast.

Mike Hulme held a guest lecture in Egget
Mike Hulme's gjesteforelesning på Studentsenteret, 6. september 2019.
Runa Falck Langaas, UiB


Professor Mike Hulme is the author of the seminal book "Why we disagree about climate change". Since its publication in 2009, it has become a standard university text worldwide for social science and humanities students studying climate change. 

In his guest lecture, Hulme explained why he wanted to write the book in the first place. He then moved on to discuss what has changed in the past decade.

Hulme argued that we cannot solve climate change but we can manage it. According to Hulme, the important thing is to move beyond the singular goal that climate science have put into place and recognize the value of multiple goals. He pointed to the sustainable development goals as a promising approach, with multiple dimensions that matter to people. 

The event was organised in collaboration with the HUMKLIM research group and the course on Crucial Issues in Science and Society.