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Tore Fjetland Øgaard | Non-Boolean Classical Relevant Logics I | Synthese


Non-Boolean Classical Relevant Logics I

Tore Fjetland Øgaard


Relevant logics have traditionally been viewed as paraconsistent. This paper shows that this view of relevant logics is wrong. It does so by showing forth a logic which extends classical logic, yet satisfies the Entailment Theorem as well as the variable sharing property. In addition it has the same S4-type modal feature as the original relevant logic E as well as the same enthymematical deduction theorem. The variable sharing property was only ever regarded as a necessary property for a logic to have in order for it to not validate the so-called paradoxes of implication. The Entailment Theorem on the other hand was regarded as both necessary and sufficient. This paper shows that the latter theorem also holds for classical logic, and so cannot be regarded as a sufficient property for blocking the paradoxes. The concept of suppression is taken up, but shown to be properly weaker than that of variable sharing.

KEYWORDS: Disjunctive syllogism, Entailment, Modality, Paraconsistency, Relevant logics, Suppression