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Evelyn Erickson | Anti-Excepcionalismo e a Metodologia da Lógica | Perspectiva Filosófica


Anti-Excepcionalismo e a Metodologia da Lógica

Evelyn Erickson


A recent trend in the philosophy of logic, which is usually called “anti-exceptionalism about logic”, proposes that logical principles are not justified by apriori intuitions, but rather, like in other sciences, by a posteriori or empirical evidence. The current essay presents the variety of anti-exceptionalism attributed to Quine, as well as two more recent proposals for the method of revision of logical theories, namely, abduction and reflexive equilibrium. Finally, the background logic problem is addressed, which puts into question the possibility of there being an anti-exceptional method of theory revision for logical theories, given that any such method will somehow depend on some logic for its revision process.

KEYWORDS: Anti-exceptionalism about logic. Logical abductivism. Reflexive equilibrium. Methodology of logic.