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Tore Fjetland Øgaard | Non-Boolean classical relevant logics II | Synthese


Non-Boolean classical relevant logics II: Classicality through truth-constants

Tore Fjetland Øgaard


This paper gives an account of Anderson and Belnap’s selection criteria for an adequate theory of entailment. The criteria are grouped into three categories: criteria pertaining to modality, those pertaining to relevance, and those related to expressive strength. The leitmotif of both this paper and its prequel is the relevant legitimacy of disjunctive syllogism. Relevant logics are commonly held to be paraconsistent logics. It is shown in this paper, however, that both E and R can be extended to explosive logics which satisfy all of Anderson and Belnap’s selection criteria, provided the truth-constant known as the Ackermann constant is available.   One of the selection criteria related to expressive strength is having an “enthymematic” conditional for which a deduction theorem holds. I argue that this allows for a new interpretation of Anderson and Belnap’s take on logical consequence, namely as committing them to pluralism about logical consequence.

KEYWORDS: entailment, logical pluralism, logical theory choice, modality, paraconsistency, relevant logics, truth-constants