Ezequiel R. Pinat om aktivisme, sosiale medier og presse

Ezequiel Ramón Pinat fra Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) holdt gjesteforelesningen "Activism, Social Media and daily press: what’s missing in the middle?”

Ezequiel Ramón Pinat

Ezequiel R. Pinat holdt gjesteforelesning tirsdag 23.oktober basert på sin avhandling om hvordan sosiale medier og pressen dekker sosiale protestbevegelser. Pinat er ved Institutt for informasjons- og medievitenskap som en del av ERASMUS. 

I avhandlingen fokuserer Pinat på The Platform of Those Affected by Mortgage (PAH). 


"One year ago, I participated in an activity organized by the Department of Information Science and Media Studies in the Centre d'Etudes Des Hommes, at Paris. That was my first approach to UiB, although before that I already had Berguenser friends that met at others conferences. And now, I have the opportunity to come here and show how current research is going so far. As academic, it's very stimulating traveling abroad, sharing different points of views and strategies and breaking the routine. And of course, coming to a city as Bergen, getting in touch with its atmosphere and being in the fjords for the first time worth it!" - Ezequiel R. Pinat


Abstract for forelesningen:

"We are used to hear that Occupy Wall Street, Arabs springs and the Indignados 15M fostered a modern age with Social Media mobilization. But what does it mean? To what extent have they triggered new ways to carry out a citizenry protest or, by contrast, do they just reproduce old activist patterns? 

The PAH platform, aligned with anti-austerity European measures organizations, fights for strengthening the fragile housing right in Spain. After the crisis of 2010, banks became the most prominent real estate agencies. Their influence on political parties and newspapers have determined housing bubble treatment. In this case, Social Media became a real alternative to spread a counter-image about this subject"