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Queer Theory and Textual Studies

Reading workshop with Roberta Magnani, University of Swansea.

MS EL 26 C 9 (c.1400),
Detail of a gloss on lust from San Marino, CA, USA, Huntington Library, MS EL 26 C 9 (c.1400), fol. 60r
Huntington Digital Library


We have the pleasure of a having Roberta Magnani, University of Swansea, lead a reading and discussion seminar on Queer Theory and Textual Studies. 

Roberta Magnani is an exceptionally generous and engaging scholar whose work focuses on late medieval literature, manuscript studies and gender theories (especially queer theory). She is currently completing a monograph entitled Chaucer’s Queer Textualities: The Challenging of Authority.

Together with Diane Watt, she has edited a special volume of postmedieval entitled Queer Manuscripts (2018), which will serve as the basis for reading and discussion. To prepare participants will read the "Introduction" and one of the following two pieces: either "Queer environments: Reanimating ‘Adam Scrivyen’" by Jonathan Hsy and/or "Trans textuality: Dysphoria in the depths of medieval skin" by M. W. Bychowski. Downloadable files can be found below or sent by request to aidan.conti@uib.no.

Participants are encouraged to please bring for discussion any text, image, object or other material that they feel can benefit from queer methodologies.

The discussion will take place on Tuesday, 26 November from 14.15-16.00 with snacks and coffee (and will continue informally thereafter). The seminar is co-sponsored by the Research Group Literature & Religion and the Research Group for Medieval Philology.