Kvartære geosystemer

Fingerprinting sediment sources in Arctic and sub-Arctic Alpine lakes

PhD candidate: Torgeir Opeland Røthe

Torgeir Røthe

Supervision:  Jostein Bakke (UiB), Haflidi Haflidason (UiB), Eivind Wilhelm Nagel Støren (UiB)

Project funding: EARTHLAB

Project period: June 2014 – August 2018


The PhD project is part of the Earth Surface Sediment Laboratory (EARTHLAB) which aims to improve and/or establish new methods for sediment core analysis, thus improve the quantitative analysis of lacustrine/marine sediment records.


The main objective for the PhD project is to use the new laboratory facilities of EARTHLAB to get a process-based understanding of sediments deposited by various processes in Alpine lakes. By utilising new and/or old material from different sites in Norway and Svalbard, a thorough investigation and testing of the new laboratory facilities of the EARTHLAB will be conducted.


The PhD project is divided into three separate parts.  (1) We will characterise and identify the glacigenic sediments derived from a subpolar glacier on the north coast of Svalbard. (2) By fingerprinting the sediments we aim to track sediments from the source to the sink in the Okstindan to Sørfjorden glacier-valley system. (3) The frequency of Jõkulhlaups at the eastern part of Folgefonna will be explored by investigating the signature and characteristics of such an event using the new facilities from EARTHLAB.