AI and machine learning in the Bergen area

Bergen AI & Machine Learning Symposium 2019

We invite researchers in artificial intelligence and machine learning from UIB and other institutions in the Bergen area to a workshop where we can exchange ideas and experience, and initiate productive collaborations on education and research.

Fancy graphical representation of something resembling machine learning
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Artificial Intelligence is a well established research field since 1956. The goal of AI is to develop machines (which includes both software and hardware) that accomplish tasks of varying difficulty by themselves. Recently, we are witnessing a strong surge in interest in AI both in academia, industry, and in the public sphere. This interest is fueled particularly by advancements in machine learning applications. AI is of research interest in the academic institutions of Bergen, but also a valued skill for the various Bergen commercial employers.  The network among AI researchers in Bergen, however, is not well established, and the researchers are not well familiarised with the AI Bergen milieu, thus missing out on opportunities for building on top of existing local expertise and experience.  

The symposium brings together researchers in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning in and around Bergen.  The goal is to strengthen the AI community by exchanging results, know-how, and ideas, and also to encourage collaboration and networking.  In addition to invited speakers, participants will present their work in short talks. Discussions among the participants on possible joint research projects will be facilitated in structured sessions.

This event is organized as a collaboration between the Department of Informatics (Ketil Malde), Mathematics (Hans. J. Skaug), and Information Science and Media Studies (Marija Slavkovik).