Oral Helse

Oral health in Polen - Bialystol Plus


Bialystok PLUS Longitudinal Study is the cross-sectional population-based study aimed at describing the current health status of adult population of Bialystok, Poland and at improving knowledge of risk factors for non-communicable diseases. One of the main tasks of the Bialystok PLUS project is to analyse the relationship between environmental, social, medical, dental, medical, and behavioural health determinants of north-eastern Poland population. The examination in the Bialystok PLUS study consist of questionnaire survey (sociodemographic data, participant’s medical history, current health problems, lifestyle and health habits including dental habits, oral health related quality of life questionnaires), medical and dental examination ( https://bialystok.plus/en/english/).

Collaboration institution is University of Würzburg, Germany. This project is financed by Medical University of Bialystok. There are PhD students involved in this project and three dentists were responsible for the dental examination. Examinar need to travel to Würzburg to see what they include in dental examination and calibrate. Then they were calibrated in Poland. This is the only project of that kind in Poland.

It is connected to associate professor Ewa Rodakowska