Politisk organisering og flernivåstyring

Ny bok: Governance of Public Sector Organizations

Boka er publisert av Palgrave MacMillan og redigert av Koen Verhoest ved Katholieke Universitetit Leuven og Per Lægreid ved Institutt for Administrasjon og Organisasjonsvitskap ved UiB. Andre bidragsytarar er mellom anna Paul G.Roness.



Governance of Public Sector Organizations examines recent changes in central governmental administration in contemporary democracies by focusing on organizational forms and their effects. There is a considerable need for such knowledge in a period when governments are constantly restructuring their administration. This book studies and explains how New Public Management (NPM) and post-NPM reforms affect the organizational proliferation and specialization, as well as the autonomy and control of central agencies. New empirical data sheds light on the effects of these changes on organizational performance. The book describes how 'whole-of-government' initiatives with emphasis on reassertion of the centre and horizontal coordination supplement NPM reforms, producing increased layering and complexity in government organizations.

The contributors to this volume examine agencies in Australia, Canada, the UK, Hong Kong, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and Hungary. By combining survey, mapping and case study methodologies, they show that structural, cultural, task-related and historical features interact in shaping organizational reforms.


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