Forskergruppen for antikk, middelalder­ og tidlig moderne tid

The Living City: Social Aspects of Ancient City Life

The workshop is organised in cooperation with the German-Norwegian Study Centre at Kiel and the University of Kiel. Everyone is welcome, staff and students alike!

Jonathan Westin


Cities were central to ancient Mediterranean life, and formed centres of political, religious, cultural, economic, demographic and symbolic importance. To study social urban space is thus central to understanding ancient society. In the study of the ancient city, a gradual shift has occurred, from the study of architecture and topography to that of space and communication, and its importance for society. Thus, the focus of the workshop will be on the interaction between physical structures and people, cityscape and social interaction. 

Although the workshop focuses on Roman urbanism, it contains a wide variety of locations, time periods and themes. We will begin and end with Pompeii, but in between we will have acquainted ourselves with everything from the Persian Mideast to the Classical Mayas, emotion and motion, climate, death, the power of images, outsider religions, a Biblical palace, and an Apostolic church.