Rosefamiliens evolusjon

International Sorbus Network Meeting

Sorbus network meeting was held 15–16th of November 2018 at the University of Bergen, Norway.

Image of flowering Sorbus subsimilis
Per Harald Salvesen


Variation among Sorbus in northern Europe, and the difficulty in understanding species boundaries have spurred considerable research. Much of this has focused on explaining patterns of variation as the result of local processes. However, at least some of the variation seem to occur in parallel and the causes for this are not well understood.

We invited researchers interested in questions relating to the evolutionary history of Sorbus and their relatives in northern Europe to this meeting. The aim was to share information about the current research status and to join forces in solving the puzzles of Sorbus via a network of active researchers within which we can work together in the future.

Thus, we aimed to establish an international Sorbus network through which we might gather comparable data over our geographical region. This would make it possible to better solve national Sorbus species questions, to revise the floristic understanding similarly, and solve bigger issues such as phylogenetic relationships and generic delimitations. The existence of an international Sorbus network will improve funding possibilities.