Forskergruppe for strafferett og straffeprosess

Corporate criminal liability for international crimes

Guest lecturer: Professor Harmen van der Wilt, University of Amsterdam

In this lecture, professor van der Wilt will present his ongoing research on the prosecution and punishment of corporations which have been involved in international crimes. This is a recurrent theme of discussion in international criminal justice circles (both practitioners and academia). Yet, prospects that it will materialize in due course are bleak. As is well known, the International Criminal Court only exercises jurisdiction over individuals. Prosecution by domestic courts remains however an option. The research has a twofold aim:

a) To develop de lege ferenda proper normative criteria for the criminal responsibility of corporations;

b) To identify a typology of situations in which corporations are characteristically implicated or complicit in international crimes.

The lecture/seminar is open. Lunch is included. We kindly ask non-members of the research group to register before 7.12 (e-mail to husabo@jur.uib.no).