Forskningsgruppen for Undervisning og Læring i Høyere Utdanning
TeLEd Monthly Research Series

Researching Quality in Higher Education: possibilities, limitations and pragmatic adaptations

This is the initial monthly event of the TeLEd research group at UiB, featuring Bjørn Stensaker from the University of Oslo.

Bjørn Stensaker. Photo credit: NTNU

Bjørn Stensaker's talk will identify areas where there is need for more research on current practices in higher education, and illustrate how this might be done in practice. In the presentation, the challenges and limitations concerning how such research can be conducted is discussed, and it is argued for a pragmatic approach - tailored to fit balance individual and institutional needs.

The talk will be followed by a question and answer period, as well as discussion of TeLEd research group business.