Forskningsgruppen for Undervisning og Læring i Høyere Utdanning
TeLEd Monthly Research Series

Strategies for Developing a Teaching and Learning Culture – at the Institutional, Faculty and Departmental levels

This instance of our TeLEd Monthly Event Series will feature TeLEd member Roy Andersson, from the Centre for Engineering Education at Lund University and bioCEED at UiB.

Bilde av Roy Andersson
Associate Professor Roy Andersson

Roy will share different strategies to develop a teaching and learning culture at the department/research group level, as well as at the institutional/faculty level. In this we, as TeLEd members (educational researchers/developers/innovators), have an important role – to provide our colleagues and students, as well as professional staff and leadership, with strategies and knowledge to help THEM develop THEIR teaching and learning teams.