Forskningsgruppen for Undervisning og Læring i Høyere Utdanning
TeLEd Monthly Research Series

How do we prepare students to tackle the wicked problems of social, environmental and economic sustainability?

This instance of the TeLEd Monthly Event Series will feature the UiB Bærekraftskollegiet (Sustainability Education Collective).

Illustration of collaboration
UiB Collaboratory


In this session, members of the group will describe the following initiatives at different institutional levels that have sought to overcome obstacles to sustainability education at UiB. 

•    Birgit Kopainsky (SV) will present the findings from a SoTL project exploring innovation competencies in a sustainability-based interfaculty PhD course.
•    Atle Rotevatn (MN) will bridge undergraduate and continuing education by discussing outcomes of a new energy transition course designed in two versions: for university students and industry professionals.
•    Jakob Grandin (SV) leads the Collaboratory, a student-driven initiative to create student-faculty partnerships in interdisciplinary courses and annual student conferences. The Collaboratory received the Ugle-prisen in 2021!
•    Yael Harlap (PS) will introduce the bottom-up, and now middle-out, Sustainability Education Collective and share the results of an evaluation of its work in its first year.

The Sustainability Education Collective - Bærekraftskollegiet - is a grassroots forum for everyone working on sustainability-related education at UiB. We exchange experiences, knowledge and ideas for improved teaching and learning in sustainability education, and aim to be a transformative learning initiative with a multiplier effect, as courses and programs are developed and revised to foster sustainability learning for students. The group was established in Summer 2020 and has members from all UiB faculties.

Our goals for the session are to:

  1. Give concrete examples on sustainability education at UiB, and how they are linked to SoTL work
  2. Reach out to colleagues who may not know about the Collective, and who might want to join
  3. illustrate cooperation in teaching and learning that spans across departments and faculties.

The event will be online via Zoom - see link below