Velferd, arbeid og helse

Workshop on Aging, Family and Social Insurance

In late February, the research group on Labour, Social Insurance and Family organized a two-day workshop on aging, family and social insurance.

The workshop was held at the beautiful Solstrand resort, outside Bergen.
Julie Cullen


The workshop presented some key research findings coming out of two large research grants from the Norwegian Research Council (grants 222719 and 257598) and also included presentations from a few selected experienced economists working on labour economics, public economics and family economics: Sarah Cattan (IFS), Julie Cullen (UC San Diego), Gordon Dahl (UC San Diego), Martin Halla (Johannes Kepler University Linz), Bhash Mazumder (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago) Joseph Mullins (University of Minnesota) and Josef Zweimüller (University of Zurich).

The speakers presented important insight on aging, family and social insurance, and the presentations fueled many ideas and potential collaborations for future work on these topics by the members of the research group on Labour, Social Insurance and Family.

We thank all our guests and contributors for your great work and for your insights.