Engelskkurs for administrativt ansatte ved UiB

Kurset tar for seg engelske standarder, stil og vokabular for administrativt personale. Kurset vil bidra til at kursdeltakerne vil føle seg tryggere i å bruke engelsk i møter og i kontakt med utenlandske ansatte og internasjonale studenter. Hele kurset foregår på engelsk, og kursomtalen er derfor også bare på engelsk



The course will demonstrate many useful web-based and written resources. The entire course will be in English.


Programme day 1


Avoiding errors in English


Standards and formal English


Web-based resources


Increasing your vocabulary


Educational terminology


Presenting in English


Individual tuition




Programme day 2


Effective emails and letters


Exercises on communication


Avoiding grammatical errors


International meetings


Style guidelines




The course compendium is included in the course package.




Target group


Senior administrative staff at UiB who want an intensive English updating course that is designed for university staff.




Learning outcomes


Participants will be helped to use English with confidence in meetings and when presenting. Standard academic English terminology from UHR is part of the relevant web-based resources designed to help university staff use English with confidence.




Working methods


Class teaching with exercises with a workshop focus. There will be individual tuition based on texts submitted before the course and suggestions for self-study for follow-up work.






Stewart Clark, Adviser and Assistant Professor, NTNU




Time and place


4 March 2014: 09.15 – 15.45


5 March 2014: 08.15 – 14.45





Rica Hotel, Christies gate 5-7



Number of participants