Støtte til eksternfinansierte prosjekter (BOA)
Horizon 2020

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action- MSCA- ITN

Submission deadline: 14 January 2020 - (17:00:00 Brussels time)

Innovative Training Networks (ITNs) are the main strand of funding available to support Early Stage Researchers (doctoral researchers). The ITN scheme supports joint training and or doctoral programmes implemented by partnerships of universities, research institutions, research infrastructures, businesses, SME and other socio-economic actors.

Are you looking for a chance to bring in PhD candidates to your project, Research team, institute or faculty? Are you interested in joining other Universities, Research Institutions, Companies, non-academic organisations and be part of a high quality doctoral-level training in and outside academia? Then the MSCAs Innovative Training Networks (MSCA ITN) is the right choice. It brings together universities, research centres, companies and non-academic organisations from different countries worldwide to train a new generation of researchers.

The funding boosts scientific excellence and business innovation, and enhances researchers’ career prospects through developing their skills in entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

There are three different schemes to apply for under the innovative Training Network programme:

  • European Training Networks (ETN)

  • European Industrial Doctorates (EID)

  • European Joint Doctorates (EJD)

Open calls

  • H2020-MSCA-ITN-2020
    Deadline: 14 January 2020 - (17:00:00  Brussels time)

Call: H2020 – MSCA – ITN - 2020

Types of action:

  • MSCA-ITN-ETN European Training Networks
  • MSCA-ITN-EJD European Joint Doctorates
  • MSCA-ITN-EID European Industrial Doctorates

    Submission deadline: 14 January 2020

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