Støtte til eksternfinansierte prosjekter (BOA)
Horizon 2020

Research Infrastructures

Information about the Research Infrastructure Work Programme

The Work Program 2018 - 2020 for Research Infrastructures is divided into six calls:

1. Development and long-term sustainability of new pan-European research infrastructures (INFRADEV)

Topics under this call will support the development of new world-class research infrastructures which will help Europe to respond to grand challenges in science, industry and society. It will facilitate and support the implementation and long-term sustainability of the research infrastructures identified by the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) and of other world-class research infrastructures. In addition it will identify, through the design studies, the next generation of new research infrastructures.

One topic will be announced in 2020. Deadline 12 Nov 2019

  • INFRADEV-01-2019-2020 (RIA): Design Studies
    The aim of this activity is to support the conceptual and technical design for new research infrastructures which are of a clear European dimension and interest. Major upgrades of existing infrastructures may also be considered if the end result is intended to be equivalent to a new infrastructure.

2. Implementing the European Open Science Cloud (INFRAEOSC)

Topics under this call will achieve the vision put forward by the European Cloud Initiative and it will make the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) a reality. The topics will develope the EOSC ecosystem providing all European researchers with seamless, non-discriminatory and secure access to public and commercial services and appropriate access modalities to a wider user community like industry, public sector, citizen scientists, etc.

Two topics will be announced in 2020, both with deadline 22 April 2020

  • INFRAEOSC-03-2020 (RIA): Integration and consolidation of the existing pan-European access mechanism to public research infrastructures and commercial services through the EOSC Portal
  • INFRAEOSC-07-2020 (RIA): Increasing the service offer of the EOSC Portal

3. Integrating and opening research infrastructures of European interest (INFRAIA)

Two topics will be announced in 2020, both with deadline 17 Mar 2020

  • INFRAIA-02-2020 (RIA): Integrating activities for Starting Communities.
    A "Starting Community" has never been supported for the integration of its infrastructures under FP7 or Horizon 2020.
  • INFRAIA-03-2020 (RIA): Pilot for a new model of Integrating Activities.
    Will support the provision of access to RIs and the harmonization of national and European procedures for providing access.

4. European Data Infrastructures (INFRAEDI)

Topics under this call will support the creation of a world-class European Data Infrastructure (EDI) offering high performance computing and data capabilities, and fast connectivity.

One topic will be announced in 2020. Deadline 13 Nov 2019

INFRAEDI-05-2020 (RIA): Centres of Excellence in exascale computing

5. Demonstrating the role of Research Infrastructures in the translation of Open Science into Open Innovation (INFRAINNOV)

Topics under this call will foster the innovation potential of research infrastructures by increasing the involvement of industry (including SMEs) in the development of research infrastructures, and making industry more aware of the opportunities offered by research infrastructure to improve their products, e.g. as experimental test facilities, innovation hubs, knowledge-based centres. By working with research infrastructures on the development of advanced technologies industry can raise its technological level and competitiveness.

Two topics will be announced in 2020, both with deadline 17 Mar 2020

  • INFRAINNOV-03-2020 (RIA): Co-Innovation platform for research infrastructure technologies
  • INFRAINNOV-04-2020 (RIA): Innovation pilots

6. Support to policy and international cooperations (INFRASUPP)

Topics under this call will reinforce European research infrastructures policy and international cooperation. Pooling and sharing of resources at European level requires the development of well defined policies and agreed mechanisms of cooperation and assessment. The global dimension of the scientific challenges addressed by European research infrastructures makes increasingly relevant their international cooperation with research infrastructures in other world regions as well as the development of global research infrastructures.

One topic will be announced: Deadline 17 Mar 2020

  • INFRASUPP-02-2020 (CSA): Strengthening the human capital of research infrastructures