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Bærekraftig utvikling: SANORD-konferansen tar opp rollen til høyere utdanning for bærekraftig utvikling

Hva er rollen til høyere utdanningsinstitusjoner og nord-sør-samarbeid i utformingen av FHs nye bæerkraftmål?



The 2015 SANORD conference takes place in Windhoek, Namibia, December 1-3, 2015.

- This conference is great opportunity to discuss and promote the University's own perception of what sound knowledge is and how the higher education sector should play a role in promoting the Sustainable Development Goals, says Tor Halvorsen. He is associate professor at UiB and part of the organizing committee for the SANIRD-conference in Windhoek in December.

Tor Halvorsen encourages researchers from UiB to take this opportunity to gather their research groups or to expand their networks at the conference.

- The bi-annual conference is a well-attended and an important meeting place, both between universities in the south and the north, but also between universities in the south, says Halvorsen.

This year, Professor Bente Moen at Centre for International Health will give one of the keynote addresses at the conference.

Interested researchers should contact Tor Halvorsen directly, as the call for papers is officially closed.

Sub-themes at the conference:

1. Redefining the role of Higher Education institutions in the UN development agenda post-2015. 

2. Redefining the role of the actor of knowledge and actor of industry to work together to shape future goals of sustainable development 

3. How does indigenous knowledge challenge ideas of development? 

4. The role of indigenous knowledge in the shaping of a sustainable “knowledge based economy” 

5. The role of Knowledge Communities in the shaping of a sustainable “knowledge based economy”

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