Global og utviklingsrelatert forskning
UiB Global seminar

Globale reformbevegelser i kristendommen og islam

Komparative studier av Pinse- og Salfism-bevegelsene i Afrika og Latin-Amerika



Anne Bang, AHKR/SMI and Hans Geir Aasmundsen, UiB Global

In this seminar we present a comparative study, in progress, where we investigate the interplay between religious and social change. The focus is on religious reform within Islam (Salafism) and Christianity (Pentecostalism) in Africa and Latin America. These are regions that are experiencing widespread political changes, societal transformations and religious ferment.

We take as a starting point that reformists of both religions share a common vision – and that this has observable effects in the empirical reality. We target three main fields of comparison: 1) reform as individual and communal transformation; 2) education as crucial for recruiting and training followers; 3) the urgency of mission/daʿwa.

All are welcome!