Global og utviklingsrelatert forskning
UiB Global seminar

Forskning på globale utfordringer ved UiB

 Earth on blackboard, stock photo


Tore Sætersdal
Acting Director, UiB Global

What are the most pressing global challenges facing us as society, as humans, as part of nature?

Global challenges, together with marine and climate research, are the proposed prioritized areas for research at the University of Bergen.

Research on global challenges is a huge area, spanning issues of health, social and natural sciences, including aspects of climate and marine research. At UiB Global we approach these challenges with various perspectives exemplified through the seminar series we host at the Bergen Resource Centre over the coming months.

In this presentation, Tore Sætersdal will attempt to critically look at the global challenges that the world is facing in 2015, at the dawn of the Sustainable Development Goals.

All are welcome!