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Digital Seminar series

Gender and Ageing in Premodern Europe

Welcome to this digital seminar series, addressing various aspects of ageing in Premodern Europe from a gender perspective.


This seminar series brings together scholars from different national, disciplinary and methodological backgrounds whose works address various aspects ageing in Premodern Europe from a gender perspective. It provides a forum for international and comparative discussions and aims to formulate new questions for future research.

Each session will feature a presentation by an invited speaker, followed by a discussion.


17 February 

Religious Experiences of Older Women during the Late Middle Ages –
How elderly women were involved in Christian practices and conventual life

Ninon Dubourg, Université de Liège

31 March

Old Age and Aging in Medieval Iceland

Jón Viðar Sigurðsson, Universitetet i Oslo

28 April

Medically Male:  Old Women in Early Modern Medicine

Lynn A. Botelho, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

26 May

Obscene Old Age: Senescence and Sexuality in Late Medieval French Poetry

Camille Brouzes, Université Grenoble Alpes

16 June

Waiting for the End: The Old Age of Sança Ximenis de Foix (c.1397-1474)

Mireia Comas-Via, Universitat de Barcelona